Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just apply for a medicinal cannabis licence myself (without using a consultant)?

Yes, of course. The online form to apply is in plain English (and you can see it here).

What are the benefits of using Mar Verde Consulting?

Mar Verde Consulting provides a service that is tailored to you. Using our services will save you time (compared to the usual Office of Drug Control assessment process) as we can help you provide the right information, at the right time. We can help you focus your energy on the factors that will lead to a successful application. Engaging with us early can also save you money, as we can look at your circumstances and advise on common roadblocks in relation to past applications.

Do I need to have a particular amount of money before you'll help me, or before I could be granted a medicinal cannabis licence?

The short answer is 'no', but this isn't a complete answer. The Office of Drug Control will look at whether you (or the company that is applying for a licence) are a fit and proper person, and an element of this is the applicant's financial background and financial circumstances. This doesn't have a fixed dollar amount attached to it - it relates to your overall plans and your company structure. There are also significant fees and charges associated with having a licence which you should be aware of. Mar Verde can go over these elements with you in more detail - please see our Services.

Can I just apply for a permit to cultivate?

You need to hold medicinal cannabis licence under the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 before you can apply for a medicinal cannabis permit that would authorise cultivation, production or manufacture. In addition to having a licence, your facility will need to be close to completion before you apply for your first permit.

Is it easier to get a licence for low-THC cannabis or hemp?

If you want to cultivate cannabis for industrial purposes (hemp) you will need a licence from your state or territory government. Mar Verde does not presently offer services to support such licences. Should you wish to grow low-THC crops for medicinal purposes, there are only minor differences in how the ODC considers the cultivation of low-THC and high-THC crops. These can be discussed should you choose one of our Services.

I use medicinal cannabis and it's expensive. Can you help me with a licence so I can grow my own?

The cultivation of medicinal cannabis is highly regulated in Australia. There are significant costs involved which would make the pursuit of a medicinal cannabis licence more expensive than seeking a prescription from your GP. (Also, medicinal cannabis licences and permits can only be granted for particular supply pathways - supply for personal use is not one of these).

All answers provided above are the opinion of Mar Verde Consulting and do not constitute advice of any kind.