About Us

Mar Verde Consulting is a boutique Australian consultancy firm that works with applicants and medicinal cannabis licence holders to provide tailored support. Where we don't have the relevant expertise in-house, we'll work with our partner experts (such as architects, engineers and lawyers) to deliver the results you need. We are based in Brisbane, with much of our work being undertaken virtually. As needed, we travel Australia-wide to meet with you and your team and understand your business.

Our company director, Cate Hall, was most recently manager (Assistant Director) of the medicinal cannabis team within the Office of Drug Control (ODC).

I am privileged to have worked in medicinal cannabis licencing at the Office of Drug Control, and have been heavily involved in the recent regulatory changes and updates to regulatory processes. I hold detailed knowledge about the ODC, licence holders and applicants (both past and present). My knowledge of specific companies or individuals will remain in the strictest confidence. However I am very happy to support your business with my knowledge of the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 and the regulatory environment for medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Mar Verde Consulting takes all care to provide you with comprehensive up-to-date advice on an application's likelihood of success. Mar Verde Consulting can provide you with the best opportunity for your application to be successful, however, the decision whether to grant or refuse to grant (or vary or refuse to vary) a licence or permit is complex, and is ultimately in the hands of the delegate. Should a decision be likely to be adverse, the ODC will follow natural justice principles and provide you with the reasons for the proposed decision (such as a notice of intent to refuse or opportunity to respond).

Mar Verde Consulting provides information, expertise and regulatory advice. It does not provide legal advice, except where specifically sourced from a third party and clearly labelled as legal advice.